Jumat, 19 Juli 2013

Ramalan Zodiak Hari Ini

Pig people are usually shy. Pigs are content to work behind the scenes, away from the limelight and they typically do not seek credit or recognition. Quiet and introspectful, Ramalan Zodiak Hari Ini pig people are at home with nature. They would much rather go for a quiet hike than hang out at the mall. At the same time, they prefer to be homebodies. They feel secure close to home and do not like taking risks or exploring new territory.

However, charming as they may be on the outside, Rat people are also known to be cold and calculating, even cruel if that is what is need to reach their goal or promote there personal agenda. Intelligent, and passionate, Rats make friends easily and tend to chose friends carefully. In order to build their sense of self and worth, time spend in relaxation is important.

Those born to the rooster will be the first to notice when you wear a new outfit. And, when they say you look stunning, they mean it. On the other hand, they are just as likely to notice and comment when you’re not looking your best. For all this preoccupation with looks, the rooster is equally hard on himself. “You’re your own worst critic” describes the rooster perfectly.

This makes them wonderfully suited to work in the financial realm. A snake would thrive on Wall Street. They also find happiness studying religion, philosophy, or psychology. They do not do well in repetitive or boring jobs. Snake people are problem solvers and while they will listen with empathy and openness to the ideas and opinions of others, they are not influenced by those opinions. Snake people make up their own minds and stick to their guns.

Tigers do well in a business atmosphere and do well to start their own business. Tigers enjoy doing things themselves and thrive under the pressure of new, exciting experiences. Zodiak Hari Ini They face the unusual or difficult with unwavering confidence. Enthusiastic, determined and optimistic, Tigers are often admired by those who know them. Tigers are very secure with themselves and their decisions.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which means Virgos are ruled by their head as opposed to their hearts.  They tend towards skills in logic and analysis, making them quite capable scientists, writers, and editors.  When they set out to do something, they set out to be the best.

Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013

Kata Kata Bijak Mutiara Cinta Terbaru

Kumpulan dari beberapa Kata Kata Bijak oleh orang-orang terkenal di dunia. Firman-Nya untuk kehidupan yang bijaksana, memberikan warna dan keindahan hidup dengan goresan pena, tempat cahaya dan warna terang dan sukacita ketika tidak ada motivasi dalam hidup. Dorong perasaan cinta, kebijaksanaan dan motivasi tuk kata-kata indah memberi harapan dan dorongan untuk diri sendiri dan teman-teman. Beda dengan kebijaksanaan kata-kata pada umumnya, meskipun kata-kata bijak berikut tetap bijaksana dan benar, tapi ada keunikan dan kelucuan saja.

Diplomatic, and intuitive, water people are flexible. They have a special ability to ‘go with the flow’ and are usually easygoing. Those with the water element make friends easily and do well in social situations. They are charming, and compassionate These traits coupled with the natural flair for communication of the water sign means those with this element are good leaders, and make good partners.

Aku tidak tahu apa yang secara sadar mereka membuat lelucon atau kata kepleset, kata-kata bijak sampai mereka membuat kita tersenyum. Bagi mereka yang ingin mengumpulkan kutipan noah teman, di sini saya memberikan koleksi aforisme cinta yang dapat diberikan kepada para sahabat tercinta. Bisa teman, atau urusan TTM. Beberapa koleksi kutipan, berikan untuk memotivasi hidup kita, mudah-mudahan pembaca dapat mengambil arti kata manik untuk berbagi kehidupan ini dengan semua saudara-saudara kita. Lihat langsung saja di Sumber